Zeus Bascon

Pablo Gallery

Sep 24 - Nov 14

Pilipinas Street Plan

Post Cubao X

Sep 11 - Oct 22

Group Exhibit

Short Span

Post Cubao X   Jul 23 - Sep 2

Short Span features works on paper by artists, illustrators, and indie publishers such as : Manila Automat, Allan Balisi, Zeus Bascon, Rolf Campos, Mariano Ching…


Pastilan Dong!

Exhibit XXX : The Pastilan Dong! Show

Pablo Gallery   Aug 6 - Sep 17

Pastilan Dong! is a 4-man band who are all visual artists based in Manila. Formed in 2013, they have released two albums: their self-titled debut album in 2014 and their sophomore album Every Step Is Backward follows in 2015. The sound of Pastilan Dong! is a hybrid mix of shoegaze, noise, psychedelic , stoner, indie […]


Miles & Fabo


Post Cubao X   Jun 4 - Jul 16

If Miles dwells on the fantastic, Fabo chooses to delve into the all-too-real struggles of life. In his signature satirical style, he exposes the humans whose human-ness make them aliens in a society that has yet to welcome those who defy conformity.


Lara Delos Reyes

New Sculptures

Pablo Gallery   Apr 30 - Jun 11

Lara Delos Reyes’ “New Sculptures” features her recent collection of earthenware objects that are her observed reflections of the nature of her immediate urban landscape – one that is overrun with anarchy, malady, an overexposure of images, bombardment of products…


Denver Garza

The Hidden is Waiting

Post Cubao   Apr 16 - May 28

To show everything is futile — but allowing someone to see the most intimate, intense, and destructive part of oneself is both a privilege and a curse. To see what is hidden deep in the subconscious invites one to commemorate the past and how it has made its mark in the present.


Tin Garcia

Boxes, Bowls, Belljars

Post Cubao X   Jan 9 - Feb 20

With no room for movement, you surrender. You surrender to constriction, to suffocation. The panic owns you, and in this moment of being owned, you finally experience absolute freedom.