Group Exhibit

Pablo Fort

Jan 21 - Feb 25

Pauline Vicencio-Despi

Post Cubao X

Jan 14

Zeus Bascon

Huwag Mong Huyagin Ang Punong Walang Bunga

Pablo Gallery - Sep 24, 2016  

A Coconut tree stands tall. It was once struck by lightning during the typhoon, setting its crown of leaves on fire. We can imagine a flow of electrical energy going through its trunk, down to the roots – but there was none of that. There probably was, but the tree stands there lifeless…


Pilipinas Street Plan

The Commune: 10th Anniv. Show

Post Cubao X - Sep 11, 2016  

Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP) is a community that has grown committed in showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art on the streets. Founded in 2006 by Mark Salvatus, Boyagimat, Okto, and Deformindustry…


Exhibit XXX : The Pastilan Dong! Show

Pablo Gallery - Aug 6, 2016  

Pastilan Dong! is a 4-man band who are all visual artists based in Manila. Formed in 2013, they have released two albums: their self-titled debut album in 2014 and their sophomore album Every Step Is Backward follows in 2015. The sound of Pastilan Dong! is a hybrid mix of shoegaze, noise, psychedelic , stoner, indie […]


Group Exhibit

Short Span

Post Cubao X - Jul 23, 2016  

Short Span features works on paper by artists, illustrators, and indie publishers such as : Manila Automat, Allan Balisi, Zeus Bascon, Rolf Campos, Mariano Ching…


Miles & Fabo


Post Cubao X - Jun 4, 2016  

If Miles dwells on the fantastic, Fabo chooses to delve into the all-too-real struggles of life. In his signature satirical style, he exposes the humans whose human-ness make them aliens in a society that has yet to welcome those who defy conformity.


Yason Banal

Post-Inhibition Ep. #8

Post Cubao X - Oct 10, 2015  

Post Gallery plays host as a physical location for an exhibition and shoot as well as a hub for offline links…