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Tin Garcia


Tin Garcia has been regularly exhibiting as a solo artist and participating in group shows since 2009. She works primarily with mixed media on canvas, but also creates installation art and assemblages.

Tin is an original voice in BDSM-oriented art. Her vivid tableaus revolve around bondage and fetish, death, and women’s issues. In her work, religious iconography, humor, and domesticity twist together to create these striking forms.

Visit her at tinfgarcia.com

Solo and Group Exhibits

Dry Rub

Post   Sep 12 - Sep 26

In celebration of this milestone in the art scene is a 4-part series of shows that will be held from August to September at Post Gallery in Cubao X where it started.




Pablo   Aug 2 - Sep 6

The works in Homebodies, Tin Garcia’s latest collection of paintings and installations, take inspiration from the Book of Hours, a Christian devotional manual from the Middle Ages. The creators of these illuminated manuscripts added luxurious amounts of embellishments and iconography- the same details that can be found blossoming on Tin’s lavish canvases.



Boxes Bowls Belljars

  Post Cubao X - Jan 9, 2016

With no room for movement, you surrender. You surrender to constriction, to suffocation. The panic owns you, and in this moment of being owned, you finally experience absolute freedom.



Auf Wiederhead


Auf Wiederhead